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Friday, November 2nd, 2007

Two friends of mine recently released CDs and I’m gonna recommend them to you… right… now:

I went to high school with Eliza Lynn but didn’t really get know her until a new year’s party a couple years ago when I first heard her sing her bluesy, old-timey tunes. Holy smackers! That night she gave me a copy of her first CD, Frisky or Fair, in exchange for my as-yet-then and as-yet-now unreleased album. She’s still waiting. (It’s almost done, Eliza!) In the meantime, she managed to record and release The Weary Wake Up. I’ve been listening to “Weary” (the song) pretty non stop the last couple days — especially the vocal good times towards the end. It makes me happy. Almost as happy as “Puddin’ Pie.”

I only knew Thea Lux a couple of weeks before I went to see her band, “Let’s Get Out of This Terrible Sandwich Shop,” and like most of the others in the audience that night, I didn’t really know what to make of them. I was pretty sure, however, that they were awesome — weird and awesome… and fun… and awesome… but definitely weird. They just released their first full-length CD: Listening. If you like short songs, you should definitely go buy it right now. Go buy it on iTunes. For some reason it’s only $5.99. There are few things better in life than hearing Thea sing “Loved Song,” although I’m also a sucker for “VIP Room.”

What are you waiting for?

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