Saturday, May 12th, 2007

I mention in just about every post how great Chicago is. Last night was Looptopia, the “dusk ’till dawn cultural and artistic spectacle.” There were hundreds of things going on and we saw none of them. Each one had a line we didn’t have the patience to endure.

We did manage to get into Walgreen’s, however. Some in our group wanted to buy gloves as the night had grown surprisingly chilly. Unable to find real gloves we got a three-pack of bright green gardening gloves.


A couple hours later we ran into these fine folks:

And that’s why I loved Looptopia. Even though we didn’t actually see anything, the loop was filled with a bunch of goofballs. There was the guy dressed up as a gorilla for no reason and the kids who decided to have an impromptu dance party next to The Bean and those weirdos who made a human pyramid in Daley Plaza… oh, wait… that was us.

I think Looptopia II will work out a lot of the kinks from this first experiment. I expect to be back next year.

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