Speaking of Trains…

Saturday, January 27th, 2007

First in a series of “reasons it’s really hard to be a parent.”

Waiting for the L at the Montrose station, a mother with her son came up on the platform. I have no idea how old kids are. They’re either babies, toddlers, awkward, or teenagers. Beyond that I can’t really guess. This kid was a toddler… I think.

He was very excited about the train. He reminded me of Ralphie’s little brother in A Christmas Story when they’re opening their presents.

Are we going on a train?!!? Choo choo!?! Look at the tracks!! Wow! Is it coming?? Choo choo!!! Choo choo! Trains!!!

It was non-stop. His mom noticed me chuckling, turned, and deadpanned, “He likes trains.”

And that’s when the train came. Woah! This kid took it to another level. He couldn’t control himself! His eyes were bugging out and he was jumping up and down. His mom literally grabbed him to hold him back. I’m pretty sure he was making a move to give the train a hug. All the while, he was shouting, “CHOO CHOO! CHOO CHOO! CHOO CHOO! It’s a TRAIN!” What can I say? Kids love trains! I sure loved the crap out of stupid Tootle.

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