Thanks, Doodlers!

Wednesday, December 26th, 2007

I was at a loss for what sort of artwork to put on the CD itself so I decided, as I often do, to let my friends do the work for me. I sent an e-mail to a select few asking them to draw a doodle a for me in exchange for a free CD. Unfortunately, I didn’t have enough room to give credit to these fine artists in the CD packaging itself, but the Internet has no word limit so I will give credit here.

A. Joe Beshenkovsky says, “It’s a plant! In a pot! I tried some other things but my artistic skills have withered away like so much old skin.” Joe and I worked together at the TV station at Columbia University. I think it looks quite nice.

B. Gordon Wright is as classy as the top hats he draws. He’s also a heck of a singer. If all goes according to plan, you can see Gordon play at the upcoming CD release show for this bad boy. In the meantime, visit his website.

C. Rachel Hansen and I really bonded taking driving classes together when we were 16. I was a bad driver then and I’m a bad driver now. Also, she drew a fish.

D. Keira Dubowsky may win the “person-I’ve-known-the-longest-who-drew-a-doodle” award as we’ve been friends since we were 12. She sent this worried man through the mail and he got to me just in the nick of time.

E. Shama Dardai has been drawing ninjas as long as she can remember. She drew this one so fast you can actually see the speed lines. But he is a gentle ninja and isn’t actually attacking the little fellow in “F.” Fear not.

F. Mara Levinsky is a jerk for not living in Chicago. But just when I think she’s forgotten where she comes from, she goes ahead and gets a Yorkie and names him “Dempster” after a street in Evanston. Then she draws him along with a Ron of Japan lotus flower.

G. Julie Irons didn’t actually draw this picture. “Today I confiscated a drawing from one of my fifth graders who was doodling when he should have been checking his answers. I told him he had two options: I take it home and throw it away, or I take it home and send it to you. Guess which one he chose?”

H. Joanie Friedman actually wins the person I’m known the longest award. We grew up around the corner from each other. Sorry Keira, I guess I was wrong. She also knows me very well — drawing the Chicago skyline.

I. Rachel Hansen actually drew three doodles and it was so hard to choose one that I had to put this snowman in as well.

J. Jon Stoper drew this fisherman who is apparently fishing for elephants judging by the monster hook on that bad boy.

K. Karen Van Ausdal crafted what is perhaps the most pleasant doodle on this whole CD. Why? Because she is perhaps the most pleasant lady on the whole CD.

L. Jen Eckart not only took the photos for the CD, she drew this picture of me… with an eye patch… wearing a “Proberty” t-shirt. We were members of a barely-existent band and we wanted it to have the worst name ever. Hence, “Proberty.”

M. Shama Dardai also drew several pictures. She, like this elephant, is a saint. Unlike this elephant, her wings aren’t tragically undersized.

N. David Huyck is an actual artist that I know from high school. Not that the others on this list aren’t artists, but he’s a real-life illustrator, and an amazing one at that. Visit his website, “Bunch of Monkeys,” and kill a few hours perusing his work. Good times.

O. Joanie Friedman drew this… box of magicians? And that’s all I have to say about that.

P. Dave Innis is an amazing artist, but I’m not sure he has a great handle on bovine physiology. We’ve all seen cows bowling, but I don’t know if I’ve ever seen one with udders and horns.

So there you go. It is, frankly, my favorite part of this whole CD.


I’m honored to have been included. Seriously. You can’t even tell what mine is. And a box of magicians!? I don’t know how I made the cut…

It’s a great disc, and an honor to be among other great doodlers. I actually wouldn’t have gotten back into drawing and art and went to grad school and all if it hadn’t been for my doodles, actually. And now, here I am, unemployed and drawing all the time. Could be worse!

Point of interest: the first for-real website that I was a part of where someone bought the domain name and rented server space and everything was, set up by none other than Evan Jacover. I stole the name of that site (and the “newspaper” that inspired it) for a t-shirt that I sold out of at my first solo art show ever. The great wheel turns, on and on…

Man, I should have kept that domain. Who knew in 1995 that this Internet thing was going to catch on?

~ evanjacover      

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