The Keeping Kosher Blues

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What's Going On Here?

The images being displayed above are being pulled from Flickr based on the lyrics of the song, creating a unique music video each time the song is played. Sometimes the photos make sense and sometimes they don't. I guess that's the fun of it. Let's just say that the views of the photos may not reflect the views of the singer... or anyone else for that matter. I got the idea from Felix's great "Astronaut" project. The owners of the photos are credited at the end of the song. Clicking on an image title takes you to that photo's page on Flickr." The source code is available for download if you're into that sort of thing.



Hi. I teach Jewish music and prayer here in Maryland. I would like a copy of the lyrics to “The Keeping Kosher Blues” and to play it for some of my students. Could you forward me the written lyrics? I’m trying to write them down, listening to you sing, but you’re singing WAY too fast!


Sue Marx

~ Sue Marx      

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