Two Turning Ropes and a Dumbaphone

Friday, July 20th, 2007

That’s the worst headline ever. I apologize.

Looks like Disney ripped off my great idea for a double dutch movie. Obviously they visit this site every day. What’s worse is it stars Corbin Bleu from my favorite TV Show: Flight 29 Down. And to think, Corbin, I spent all year telling everyone how good your show is. This is the thanks I get?

“Jump In!” is the story of a boxer who is begrudgingly drawn into the world of competitive double dutch. There he learns a thing or two about himself… or something ridiculous like that. He also finds a way to stupidly use his new-found double dutch skills in the boxing ring. You have to see this to believe it. (Go to the official Jump In! site, click on videos, and watch clip #3. You will be whatever the opposite of blown away is.)

Corbin says, “They gave me the script and I fell in love with it.” Really? You fell in love with it? The script to “Jump In!?” Stupid Bleu. Aw, who am I kidding? I’m still going to see the Flight 29 Down movie when it comes out.

Meanwhile, my brother Brian and his friends have come up with probably the most ingenious idea ever: air double dutch. It’s simple. Two folks pretend to spin double dutch ropes and people take turns jumping in and doin’ their, um,  thang. It’s amazing how good everyone is without those pesky ropes always getting in the way. It works best in a public place where strangers can join in. Spread the word! Unlike “Jump In!” it’s a national phenomenon!


You Suck. Serioousllyy. This film is great ;p You Are Just Jelous. Hmmhhmm. Thats Right :P

~ Bekkah..x      

You’re right. I am just jealous… and mad they stole my idea. The truth is, I’ll probably see the movie someday and I’ll probably like it.

~ evanjacover      

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