A Friendship You Could Never Imagine

Saturday, November 1st, 2008

I threw together a last minute Halloween costume.  Can you guess who I was from the silhouette?

I was going to rehash an old Willy Wonka costume I still had sitting around, but while looking for something to use as a cane, I found an old friend.  

When I first moved into the dorms in college, my roommate and I found a stuffed Shamu whale in one of the drawers.  He moved around with us all four years of college and I eventually took him back to Chicago with me.  

All it took was a small incision, a broomstick, and a makeshift harness to re-enact a classic scene from movie history:

All-in-all, one of my more successful costumes.  

I’m an idiot.


Your Willy looks quite soiled.

Brilliance in simplicity. I freakin’ love it! Woo hoo!

Free Willy! You are a gosh darn genuine genius!
Looking forward to your concert at Bridgeback Studio in greater
downtown Marshall, NC on the 28th of November!

~ Pat Franklin      

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