A Very Important “I”

Monday, April 21st, 2008

Jimimininny Crickets! It’s Passover again — that time of year when Jews all over the world go on the Atkins diet for a week.

Last night was the second Seder, a long, fun, loud, ridiculous meal during which Jews retell the story of their Exodus from Egypt. The story is told by reading from a book called the Hagaddah. Often, the group goes around the table with each person reading a passage so everyone gets to participate.  Reading aloud can get a little tricky when Hebrew, Aramaic and English words are all sprinkled together… not to mention some difficult-to-pronounce names.  (Rabbi Elazar ben Azariah?)  It’s not uncommon for people to stumble over some of the words.

One passage discussed the peculiar absence of Moses from the Hagaddah:

Some suggest that Moses is intentionally marginalized in order to avoid any deification and to suggest that ultimately it is God who brought us out of Egypt, not Moses or any other human being.

Me: I’m glad I didn’t get that passage.
Aric: Yeah, there’s a very important “i” in “deification.”
Me: I definitely would have read that wrong.


I think Kelly and I had the exact same conversation.

~ Brian      

I totally understand. I would have said “Pee-gypt” accidentally as well.

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