At What Point Do I Pee My Pants?

Saturday, February 16th, 2008

This weekend there was a little party for the people going on this Guatemala bridge-building adventure. It was really great to hang out with everyone. The folks going on the trip are all really fun and interesting. We’re going to have a good time.

Aaron’s brother-in-law gave him a gigantic knife along with some other gear to bring on the trip. He also sent a six page letter filled with tips.

Aaron: It’s possible he was drinking when he wrote it.

The best part is the step-by-step guide explaining what to do if you are attacked by an animal:

It will be biting your left forearm. That’s OK. Keep its head occupied with your left arm and attack it with the knife. You will probably be on the ground with it on top of you while this is happening.

Sounds great. We asked if his brother-in-law had killed many wild dogs or mountain lions.

Aaron: Nah. I think he just watches a lot of Animal Planet.


What’s with the Bausch& Lomb product placement?

OK. This is not making me feel real good about this trip. Should I be worried?

Clearly there’s nothing to worry about now that I know to keep its head occupied with my left arm while attacking it with the knife.

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