Bear Down, New York Giants

Monday, February 4th, 2008

In October my brother Aric threw an issue of Sports Illustrated at me. “Read the first letter to the editor,” he said. “That’s why I hate Boston.” It was in response to the previous issue that had placed Red Sox closer Jonathan Papelbon on the cover. The letter was from a Boston fan complaining that Sports Illustrated had jinxed the Red Sox by placing Papelbon on the cover. It concluded with, “Haven’t we [Boston sports fans] been through enough?”

In truth, the main reason that Aric hates Boston sports is jealousy. The Red Sox went on to win another World Series, the Celtics have the best record in the NBA, and the Patriots had won three previous Super Bowls. Jealousy is expected. But now they’re complaining about their suffering? What, exactly, has Boston been through except for world championships in 2002, 2005, and two in 2004.

Meanwhile, in that span, the Bears imploded, the Bulls fell apart, and the Cubs, well, Cubbed. If Boston fans want something to whine about they should try rooting for our teams… or at least Cleveland’s.

Then, when the Patriots finished the regular season 16 and 0 — the only team ever to do so¬† — it got personal. The two great bastions of glory in Chicago sports are Michael Jordon and the 1985 Chicago Bears. In just about every poll, the ’85 Bears are considered the greatest football team ever. It would be hard to argue that the 18-1 Bears were better than a 19-0 Patriots team. (I’m not saying it couldn’t be done. I’m just saying it would be hard.)

But the Patriots didn’t go 19 and 0.

When Eli Manning eluded a wave of tackles and connected with David Tyree, who miraculously caught the ball on his helmet, I don’t think there was anyone happier than Aric. And when New England’s grumpy, classless, cheater of a coach stormed off the field, there were high fives in Chicago.


From Aric:

“Get this, the Patriots actually filed a federal trademark application before the super bowl for ’19-0 The Perfect Season’. Whoops!”

Here it is:

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