Clap Your Hands, Everybody. Everybody, Clap Your Hands.

Sunday, March 30th, 2008

I haven’t had much to say lately, so I’m just going to recommend some music: She & Him: Volume 1.

Zooey Deschanel is awesome in an annoying “you’re already a successful actor, do you really need to put out a great album too” kind of way. But it’s a really great album. Some credit goes to M. Ward (Him) — the arrangements and guitar parts are pretty fantastic — but what I like best are the plentiful harmonies. There are a lot of Zooeys singing on this album, and they’re ALL good! Oh, and she uses the line, “I’m alone on a bicycle for two,” which hits close to home, so that’s nice nice too.

The album also includes one of my new favorite hand clap songs: “Sweet Darlin’.” It joins the ranks of Beck’s “Go It Alone,” Belle & Sebastian’s “Boy With The Arab Strap,” the Tremeloes version of “Here Comes My Baby,” and the song at the end of Revenge of the Nerds.  Man, are there any bad songs with hand claps? I think it’s my favorite song gimmick. Hey musicians: make more songs with hand claps!


Nice rec. The mouth trumpet solo in her song “This Is Not A Test” reminded me of the one from Jungle Book.

My Best Friend’s Girlfriend is kind of the quintessential handclapping song, if there is such a thing. Incidentally i thought there was a traveling wilbury’s song that had some good hand clapping, but now I can’t remember it. Boy they were some kind of good though

A-MEN to more hand-clapping in this world! Thanks for the “Sweet Darlin’” recommendation. Here’s a link to another hand-clapping hit, Jonathan Richman’s “This Love of Mine”:
The claps kind of drop off in the middle, but stay tuned because they pick up again in spades for the finale. Also, if you don’t know it, check out “It’s You”. While technically clap-less, I dare you not to clap along . . .

~ Amanda B.      

Another brilliant hand-clap tune is The Fleshtones’ “First Date (Are You Coming on to Me).” They’re a bit in the background, but they’re there. And in another vein, one of the tracks on Dave Brubeck’s “Time Further Out” (can’t remember the song title) is a clinic in hand-clapping songs.

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