Don’t Let The Fame Go To Your Hedge Funds

Tuesday, July 22nd, 2008

There are film writers who can do a better job reviewing The Dark Knight than I — here’s a good one — but, like everyone else, I sure dug it. As advertised, Heath Ledger steals the show, but I was even more impressed with the performance of our fair city. Chicago wore very little makeup in its portrayal of Gotham, and the city looks gorgeous. I was particularly excited when Batman threw the Joker into a limestone wall that I’m pretty sure was my bank. My bank! A big movie star! I can say I withdrew from it way back when.

I suspect The Dark Knight will join The Blues Brothers and Ferris Bueller’s Day Off as one of the all-time best Chicago movies. High Fidelity did pretty good too. Oh, and Stranger Than Fiction. And don’t even get me started on John Hughes. What are your favorites?


I think Chicago looks pretty great in The Untouchables. I haven’t seen the movie in a long time, so I can’t vouch for the acting, but it does justice to some of the best buildings in the city: the Rookery, the Board of Trade, Union Station, and the Cultural Center. I’m excited to see it again as Gotham but with less Photoshop than Batman Returns.

~ Amanda B.      

i agree, and must add the fugitive. harrison ford + chicago = i will watch it every time it is on tnt. (although i have to overlook the error that balbo is not an actual cta stop.)

Oh man, how could I forget either of those. I think the worst Chicago movie is probably Rookie of the Year. It was actually filmed at my old middle school while my little brother was a student there. In fact, I think his arm is actually in the movie during a playground scene.

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