Get Your Own Comedians, New York

Wednesday, April 9th, 2008

I work with Nate, one half of Team Submarine. Unfortunately for Chicago, Nate and Steve are moving to New York to make their fortune. I hope they become big and famous because they’re nice guys (at least Nate is) and they’re way-funny. I just wish they didn’t have to move to New York to do so. (So does Jim Croce.) I’m tired of talented Chicago folks packing up for New York and L.A.

Nate actually thinks it’s a good thing. He suggested that keeping the backstabbing fame-seekers on the coasts makes Chicago a more pleasant place to perform — the people here tend to have different priorities. I’m sure there’s truth to that, but I still think there should be more opportunities for Chicago-based performers.

How about this: when Conan O’Brien moves to The Tonight Show next year, whoever takes over Late Night should do the show from Chicago. I think it would be a big hit. Let’s make it happen, folks. I’m writing a letter to NBC.

In the meantime, at least Schadenfreude isn’t going anywhere. I was pleased to see them sticking up for Chicago in the Sun Times over the weekend:

They keep pounding away at the local troublemakers, despite the occasional word of advice from producers in New York or L.A., who insist Schadenfreude will never get anywhere making fun of Chicago.

“But it’s not for them,” Kaufmann says. “It’s for the people who are in Chicago that we live with, who are our neighbors, who are our audience.”

Team Submarine has a couple more shows before they move away. Go see them.


Stop trying to keep theater folks here in Chicago, Evan. We all want to stay here, yes, but there’s no paying work. Team Submarine is going to conquer the Booklyn-ites as soon as a show at UCB is penciled in. Nate will be so famous so quick and the Smothers Brothers will tip their hats at their efforts. We still love you even if we move. I say this as if I’ve been able to escape Chicago already…

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