Hi There. Who Are You?

Monday, June 9th, 2008

Google Analytics tells me a little bit about the people who come to this site (hello to the two visitors from Vincente Lopez, Argentina, the three people who are using Playstation 3′s browser to get here, and the one dude who got to this site by searching for “good diet for growing a beard”) but I don’t know anything about the rest of you.

So I encourage you to click on the comments link below and say something. Have we ever met? Are you in Chicago? How did you end up at this site? Do you have a website?  Are you over 6 feet tall?  What’s this thing on my foot?

It’s like responding to an Evite except there’s no party and no one cares.


It’s me, Arnie. I work with you.

~ Arnie      

Hmm. This turned out to be a smashing success.

~ Evan      

Hey Evan, It’s Tiffany…from work. I do believe you *might* have accused me of murder this past Friday, but I generally like you overall, so I’ll let that slide.

Also, I am the same “T” that commented on your Good Friends cereal post…but I didn’t technically work with you back then…so I posted incognito.

Smooth, right?

I applaud your efforts to create reader community-hood (very 2.0) and encourage more readers to come forth.

I found your blog through the Common Ground web site, where I recognized your name from long ago. Now I visit your blog on purpose for news of Chicago, your open source spirit, and tales of respected seniors playing Dance Dance Revolution. Oh, and tips on which cereals will help me grow the best beard.

Thanks from a temporary Torontonian for a smart and entertaining blog!

~ Amanda B.      

I work with you, bowl with you, and Munchkin with you. I found the site by searching for “how do I get nougat out of my PEZ.” I’m still looking for the answer.

I click on this site because one of my students periodically says: “Miss, show me again that place where my drawing is. Is it real?” Oh, and also because you’re a nice fella.

~ Julie      

Hi Evan,
I visit via Crabbydad and Arnie. I live in Indianapolis, manage a nonprofit agency by day and write about music in the evenings.
It’s fun to sort-of hang out with you cool kids from Chicago.

Ah, Tiffany, you had me fooled. Pretty sneaky. Amanda, I’ve got more Chicago posts for you. You definitely need to move back here soon. Dave, that is an age old question that we may never find the answer to. Julie, it is indeed real. Have I not given you (and your student) a copy? Nora, I feel like I know you from your comments in Crabbydad’s blog. How funny!

Hi Evan. It’s Kira. We went to college together. Jenn sent me your CD, which is now a family favorite and I looked up your site. I am not in Chicago, but I’d love to visit someday. I am well under 6 feet tall.

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