I Think I Met The Bobby Fischer of Rochambeau

Saturday, September 6th, 2008

Dax has developed a “street game” called The Architect & The Urchin.  Here are the rules.  This is the greatest thing ever.

Last night Dax had a practice session to help him work out some of the kinks.  A bunch of people met on the steps of the Art Institute and played some tag, sardines, and other games white people like.  I’ve always loved sardines.  We only played one round beacuse the hider did such a good job — lying in tall grass of the garden outside the Art Institute.  It took over an hour for everyone to find him.  I was in the middle of the pack, but Shama was one of the first, using a tried and true tactic that my friend Eddie used to use when we played as kids: act like a weirdo and listen for snickers.  

Hiding in the garden

I think my favorite moment of the evening was when two people in our group played rock-paper-scissors to decide who would hide first.  After a decisive victory,  a stranger ran across Michigan Ave.

Stranger: Who won?
Winner: I did.
Stranger (holding out his hand to play): Let’s go. 

The mysterious stranger won three straight games, pumped his fist (rock?) and then walked off down the street.  When you’ve got it, flaunt it… I guess.


Holy. Crap. Evan! That is the greatest thing ever! I’ve forgotten how much fun games are. Man, I hate getting older and forgetting that stuff.

It makes me think that there should be a regular “play games white people like” night every week. Or at least every month…

I’m down. Hope you can come to The Architect and The Urchin, Tiff!

I will certainly try. I’d just hate to get lost, alone somewhere in the city. *lol*

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