If You Need Someone To Inflate An Alligator Until It Explodes, I’m Your Guy

Monday, July 14th, 2008

Our family has a Betamax video taken at a public swimming pool on a beautiful summer day.  Everyone is outside swimming and having a good time, but my brother Aric and I are notably absent. Later, two pale tweens stumble onto the bright patio, squinting at the bright sun. We were in the game room for who knows how many hours. Aric was probably playing Zaxxon, which he could do indefinitely on a single quarter. I was probably watching him, Tempest having relieved me of all my change long ago.

I was in the lower-middle class of video gamers — nothing to get excited about. I could maybe get to level 4. Last weekend, however, I found myself at an arcade filled with classic games and I owned Dig Dug like I never have before. It was beautiful.

And while I’m on the subject, didn’t old games have the best plot lines? So there’s this guy, “Dig Dug,” and he has to dig holes because there are tomatoes wearing goggles and fire-breathing alligators he has to exterminate by inflating them with a bicycle pump. Kids will love it!


Did they have a “Krazy Klimber”? that’s one of my favorites…

I didn’t see Krazy Klimber, but they did have Burger Time!

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