Ikea Is Cheap. You Can Be Too!

Tuesday, May 27th, 2008

I wanted to put up some shelving in my kitchen, but when I went to the lumber yard, I was disappointed by how expensive wood was. Then I realized that when you buy furniture from Ikea, you’re basically buying lumber and instructions on how to make it into something. All you have to do is throw out the instructions and you can make whatever you want. The wood is super-cheap — cheaper than going and buying the same wood from a lumber yard. What the heck, Ikea? How does that work? (The answer is simple: volume.)

So here is my shelving creation. The pieces came from the VĂ„RDE line. Some pieces were installed as designed. Others (like the box) were cut up and reassembled. The leftover pieces and a crafternoon produced the mediocre paintings on the left.

(Not pictured: the incredible disgusting mess that usually occupies the counter.)

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