I’ve Become Attached To This Giant Hole

Friday, January 25th, 2008

This is just a gratuitous post with more photos of the big sinkhole on my street.  The repair job seems to be going surprisingly quick. Here’s how it looked when I woke up on Tuesday morning.  El Torito’s foundation was resting on absolutely nothing.  Some foundation.

By Wednesday crews had removed all the debris and dug out the entire hole.  It looks like the brick sewer was damaged as well, since it was cut in half.  At least I think that’s a sewer pipe.   I kind of expect some Goonies to crawl out of it.

This is the little feller that caused all the trouble.  I didn’t see where it actually ruptured, but you can tell this isn’t the sturdiest pipe in the world.

By Thursday they already had a new water main in place.  I’m pretty sure it’s made of solid gold.  That’s why the kept it covered with a tarp — to prevent looting!  It’s the Rolls Royce of water mains, that’s what this is.

Finally, here you can see pieces of both the 80-year-old old iron water main and the new one.  The new water main is also made of iron, but a different type called “ductile iron” that is less brittle.


Sweet photos. This is all kind of crazy. But I heard it will all be fixed this week. Jen wants to go eat at El Torito when it opens, even though someone (you, Sonny?) said the other place down the street is better.

Damn. Why do I not live in Chicago? That is so cool. If I lived in your place I wouldn’t watch television for a week. I would just stare at this.

That was basically my week, Nick. It’s too bad they’re almost done fixing it.

~ evanjacover      

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