Old Technology: It Works, But People Die

Wednesday, September 24th, 2008


Here’s some brilliant turn of the century engineering for you:  I work in an old warehouse building next to a large steel door hanging from rollers.  If there’s a fire, the rope holding the door in place will burn through and the door will roll down the inclined track, shutting the entrance to the room and, theoretically, preventing the fire from spreading.  

Of course everyone inside (i.e. me) dies, but still, pretty clever.


So what you’re saying is…while you’re working feverishly, you’re forced to stare at what could potentially be the end of your life…in the unfortunate event that someone sets our ficus tree on fire or drops a match. What you’re also saying is that me and the giant Twinkie are safe (provided the fire didn’t actually start in the front room…which now that I think about it, would mostly likely be the case…but I digress…)

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