Open The Door, Man!

Wednesday, January 16th, 2008

Anyone who rides the “L” regularly has run up to the train right as the doors closed only to see it slither away down the tracks.

I noticed something interesting yesterday, however. As I was getting off the train a man calmly approached the closed doors. He didn’t run, yell, or pound on the window. He just smiled, looked down the train at the operator who was leaning out the window, and nodded. Magically, the doors opened..

Later that evening I reached the doors just as they closed and decided to try the look and nod trick myself. Ding-dong! Open doors.

Eye contact: live the dream.

The lady who missed the train because she was rooting through the trash at the Belmont station took a different approach. She threw her hands in the air and yelled, “I was getting something out of the garbage!” The doors opened for her too, so maybe my theory needs some work.

(Standing in front of those closed doors always reminds me of Eddie Murphy in Trading Places. And, wouldn’t you know, the clip’s on YouTube. Fast forward to 3:50.)

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