Recording Kids Music Is Fun

Tuesday, September 16th, 2008

Joanie asked if I’d play a song at her daughter Natasha’s baby-warming party.  That sounds weird.  It was actually a 3-month birthday, I think.

Anyway, I decided I shouldn’t just play any old song, I should write one for Natasha.  And now, for her second birthday, I finally got around to recording it.  

Recording music for kids is the best.  You can put whatever you want in there.  Banjo?  Sure!  Whistling?  Definitely!  Sasquatch growl?  Do you even have to ask?  I wanted to put a gong at the end, but Aric wasn’t around and I couldn’t figure out how to use his soft-synth-sampler-deluxe.  Maybe next time.  Until then, here’s “Natasha”:

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Natasha – 2:54

Thanks to Renee for the whistling.  I’m a lousy whistler.

by Evan Jacover

I don’t really know you but I’m pretty sure that you’re the coolest girl I’ve ever met.
And one day when you talk to me we’re gonna have a whole lot of fun I suspect.
Apples in a basket, apples in a pie
Apples in a tree, how did they get so high?
An apple hit me on the head and gave me a clue that I should sing a song to you.

And you’re the reason that the monkey does his monkey dance.
And you’re the reason that the cheetah learned to run so fast.
And if you ask the walrus why he grew his big moustache-a…
He’d say he grew it for Natasha.

My wish for you is that what makes you happiest is when you’re seeing other people smile.
‘Cause when you’re in a room I’ve got a feeling that they’re gonna be smiling for a while.
A pile of dirt and a whole lot of love.
An inchworm’s dancing with a ladybug.
They do the foxtrot, jitterbug and bugaloo too.  All they want to do is dance for you.

And no one knows why your daddy only bowls strikes and spares
Or why your mama wears stilts walking up and down the stairs
But if you ask your grandma why she made all those hamentashen…
She’d say she made them for Natasha.

~  ~  ~  ~  ~

You may wonder why the Unicorn never shows her face
Or why the Loch Ness Monster stays hidden deep inside a lake.
And if you’re wondering why noone’s ever seen the Sasquatch-a…
It’s ’cause he’s waiting for Natasha.


Awesome song! You should record an entire children’s album.

Aerin turned 3 on Friday and she’s having her birthday party this Sunday. Too short notice to fly into Richmond?

I’ve been saying that [make a kid's record] for as long as I’ve known ya. Would you just hurry up and make a million bucks already? Geez.

This is a great first step for my goal for Natasha to become child star… I can hardly wait to blow through all of the money she’ll be bringing in when she hits it big in another few months with her cover of “Natasha!”

~ Jon Stoper      

Wow, Evan, that is so awesome! I laughed out loud at the idea of a “baby warming party.” It was her 1/6th birthday to be exact (she was 2 months old.) Now she insists on listening to your song in the car and walking around the house saying, “for Na…ta…sha..” Would love to collaborate with you on an entire album since I find myself making up songs all day long to get Natasha do to simple tasks. Thank you again!

~ Joanie (Natasha's Mom)      

C’mon Evan — you know that if you ever need a last-minute gong, I’m your guy. I’ve got big gongs, little gongs, and even the mysterious patch I’ve never used — “X-otic gongs.” (Plus, if you’re ever looking for Renaissance bladder instruments, I’ve got you covered.)

That is an excellent song, and I might add that my wife does indeed does do a lovely whistle.

It looks a little like you peed your pants in that picture though….

I just wanted to make Natasha feel more comfortable. She wears diapers!

Is it bad form to comment on a blog post 2 months later? Is it bad form to post a comment during thanksgiving? Is it bad form to have a baby just so you can write the baby a song? I wish I knew.

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