Save Mystery Cove

Monday, June 23rd, 2008

I work with Arnie, whose blog, “A Year In Pictures of Comedy” is pure genius. I only recently learned that he has a side project as an executive producer on the FOX show “Mystery Cove.” Here’s what he had to say about the third season:

I’d like to remind everyone that the third season of Mystery Cove is currently airing on FOX. We have been told unequivicably by the network that if it doesn’t post better ratings this summer it will be canceled. Steve and I have put a lot of ourselves into this show over the last few years and have fought to use as much Chicago talent as possible at every level of production. I know a great number of you weren’t fans of the second season and have stopped watching the show. But I think as a community, we need to support this show, even those of us who don’t ‘enjoy’ it. As a way of reaching out to our (admittedly smaller) fanbase, Steve and I will be continuing to podcast about the production of the show, answering fan e-mails and teasing upcoming episodes.

I highly recommend the podcast for both fans and non-fans of the show. You can listen to it online or subscribe to it on iTunes. Facebookers can join the show’s Facebook group.

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