Teach A Man To Fish And He’ll Fix Cars For A Lifetime

Monday, December 15th, 2008

I’ve been having lots of car troubles lately.  Nothing big (i.e. nothing covered by the warranty) just a new battery, a tire, oil change, broken window, coolant sensor, and what not.

So when my windshield wiper broke over the weekend I was kinda put-out.  Another $100?  Really?  

As I tried to drive home in the rain last night I realized that windshield wipers are pretty useful, so this morning I took the car in… again.  I decided to try a new place that’s right near where I work and explained the problem.  

Mechanic: Let’s go take a look.

I showed him the problem.

Mechanic: Do you have tools?
Evan: Tools?
Mechanic: Yeah, a socket wrench or crescent wrench?
Evan: Yeah.
Mechanic: Honestly, we’ll need to charge you $50 to fix this, but there’s a nut holding the windshield wiper on and it’s probably just loose.  Try tightening that before you bring it in.

He then pried off the cover on the nut and showed me where to tighten it.

So I tightened it… and it worked.  I charged myself $50 and I’m gonna get myself some more tools, yo!

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