There Are Ladies Everywhere!

Monday, June 2nd, 2008

Went to see Indiana Jones on Friday. I’ve never seen the movie theater so packed in my life. At first I was worried the movie would be sold out, but once we got in line for tickets it was clear that the throng wasn’t there for no Crystal Skulls. The box office was packed with women dressed up fancy for a night on the town. Yes, it was opening night for Sex And The City. As we inched through the crowd to get to the theater, we overheard an Indy fan in front of us complain, “There are ladies everywhere!“. It’s weird to see dolled up girls buying popcorn and waiting in line next to the Dance Dance Revolution machine. Movie theaters are not glamorous.

Brian spent much of the night trying to capture the moment on his camera phone. “I’m trying to look like I’m reading a message, not taking pictures.”


Evan, I kid you not: I too went to see Indiana Jones on Friday night and I too was terri-mortified by the gaggles of ladies in heels. My version of the high heels picture posted here is available in my facebook album “Good Points.” Some of the ladies we saw had — wait for it — rented limos for the evening. Can you imagine? I mean, god bless ‘em and all…

[I took the liberty of including Mara's photo. --ed]

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