Thick Skulls Come In Handy Sometimes

Thursday, August 7th, 2008

You want more overloaded minivan stories?  Here’s one from college — actually right before college.  I went on one of those wilderness orientation programs lots of schools offer to incoming freshman.  I have a vague memory that one of the trails or peaks was named after Mickey Dolenz, but that’s about all I remember.

After the trip, two minivans were supposed to pick us up and take us down the mountain, but only one came.  We decided all 11 of us (and our backpacks) would just cram into the car.  After all, it was only a half-hour drive.

There were three of us in the passenger seat.  I was positioned in such a way that my head was actually leaning on the windshield.  As we twisted and turned down the mountain road, a voice from the bottom of our passenger-seat pile said, “I don’t like this,” and managed to jimmy-rig the seatbelt around (at least parts) of all of us.

Seconds later we made a particularly sharp cuve and the next thing I knew the car was plowed into a tree.  There we shouts of, “Is everyone okay,” amidst the smoke.  Remarkably, everyone was.  It turns out there was so much weight in the car, one of the rear tires actually fell off of the wheel.

I remember three things from after the accident:

  1. As the last person stumbled out of the van, we heard a poof.  The airbag finally went off.
  2. As I stood in a daze in front of the car, someone pointed at the windshield and said, “Evan, did your head do that?”  The windshield had shattered right where my head was.  I didn’t have a scratch on me.  I have a strong head.
  3. A woman ran out of the only nearby house.  “Everyone crashes into that tree,” she said.  Then she invited us in and served us lemonade.


Ooh! I credit your hair, too. My sister also unknowingly shattered a windshield with her noggin once. She’s got that superthick curly thing going, too – which we all decided is what saved her from massive head trauma

You’re a great story teller. Your closing line is always money!

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