This Is Tap Water

Wednesday, January 9th, 2008

We ran out of water at work so now we just have a closet of empty water jugs. A closet full of empty water jugs and a mysterious pair of pants that have been hanging there for a decade. I hate that closet with its sliding doors and creepy pants.

With no other choice, I filled my glass with lame tap water. But, lo, it was not lame at all! It was hott. Good hott — not actually hot. Well, it was a little warm. Or at least not cold. None of these are sentences. It was tasty water.

Being the resourceful young chap I am, I decided to just fill one of the jugs with tap water, making use of advanced jug-based water-cooling technology to… um… this story is dumb.

All I really wanted to do is say that Innis is an awesome artist. You see, I felt the need to label the tap water jug as such. I borrowed a marker from Innis and as I was writing my dumb sign, he said, “should I draw a tap dancer on it?” Ten seconds later this aqueous Fred Astaire appeared.

I work with some talented people.