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Wednesday, November 5th, 2008

I’m glad this election is over.  I guess to me there are a million ways to make the world a better place and getting a particular politican elected is low on that list. So it was nice, on election night, to see something truly good happen.  

At the restaurant where Shama works there is a dishwasher named Francis and a server named Dave.  During the colder months Dave wears a navy-blue peacoat to work and hangs it on the coat rack. Many nights, when it’s time to go, Francis jokingly puts on Dave’s coat and pretends to leave before trading it out for his own ratty coat.

Last night, when Francis was getting ready to go, Dave (and the rest of the staff) surprised him with a peacoat of his own.  

As we were leaving, Shama told Dave he’s a good man.

Dave: Don’t go spreading that around.
Shama: Don’t worry, I’ll leave the spreading around to you.
Dave: They already know all about that at the Montrose Clinic. 

I don’t know if he was kidding or not (about telling this story — or the “spreading around”) so I changed the names.  But gosh darnit if that didn’t make my day.


That is such a sweet story. It made my day too!

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