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Borgundian Stew

Monday, February 16th, 2009


This is Borgundian Stew, also known as cocktail wieners in barbecue sauce.  I like it a lot.

In college, my roommate Dan and I ended up eating it periodically — with a period of approximately 2 days.  It’s gross, I know, but in the pantheon of college grossness, it’s really not that bad.  

Given its humble origins, we decided to class  up the dish a bit by telling people it was a traditional concoction passed down through Dan’s family from the Borgundy region of Germany — hence the name “Borgundian Stew.”  The recipe is simple: slowly simmer one pound of Bors (cocktail wieners)  in Gundy (barbecue) sauce.   The dish is traditionally served twice a year: once during the annual Crotch Festival and then again in the Spring at Spnoofenfest.

Really I just wanted to post a photo of cocktail wieners.  

Hmm.  Borgundian Stew really deserves a Wikipedia entry, don’t cha think?

Poop Day 2009

Sunday, February 8th, 2009

Photo courtesy John Berube… although I didn’t ask him.  Maybe I should. Okay, I did. It’s okay.

My neighbor John took some great photos of the park near our house on what he calls “Snow Melt Day” and what I call “Poop Day.”  

Poop Day is an unexpected holiday that usually occurs at least once every winter in Chicago.  It’s an unseasonably warm day in the middle of the winter that was preceded by several weeks or months of snow and cold.  

It is, in short, the day all the dog poop people just kicked some snow over instead of picking up is revealed to the world.

I Take My Mom To Fancy Shows With Naked People In Them

Monday, February 2nd, 2009

I never know what to get my mom for Hanukah or her birthday.  She’s pretty content with what she has, I suppose.  This year I decided to get tickets for the two of us to see a show and I picked Chicago Shakespeare’s Macbeth.  They always do such great stuff and it’s the first time they’ve done Macbeth so I figured it would be pretty amazing.

I knew my friend Lacy was rehearsing with Chicago Shakespeare Theater and asked her if she was in the show.

Lacy (via e-mail):  I’m actually in Midsummer, which opens in a few more weeks but should be pretty good.  I haven’t seen Mac yet, but I’ve heard it’s innnnnnsannnnnnneee.   Lots of nudity and an 85-year-old man in drag and pregnant.  I can’t wait to see it. Have fun with your mom. 

Wait.  What?  Lots of nudity?  Lots?  Of all the shows in the city, I’m taking my mom to the one withe lots of nudity?!  Being the hip lady she is, my mom’s still totally up for it, but I think maybe we should go see Lacy in Midsummer Night’s Dream instead.

You (whoever you are) should definitely go see Lacy in whatever she does.  I’ve seen her in lots of shows and all of them totally blew me away.