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Monday, January 26th, 2009


A little over a year ago, Dave got a card game called Munchkin.  We played it and it was fun.  Then he got an expansion pack and it was even more fun.  Thirteen expansions later, the game has gotten a little complicated.  We had to create an elaborate system of bottlecaps just to organize the discard pile

While I was writing this, I remembered writing a very similar post about the Order of the Stick game – another humorous, complicated, card-based game that pokes fun at Dungeons and Dragons.  What is with these games?

The game pictured above took over 5 hours.  Good grief!


I hereby request more posts in the “nerds” category.

I suspect many past posts would fit into the nerds category quite nicely. Maybe I should go back and retroactively en-nerd-ify them.

My husband and I have Munchkin and it’s respective expansions as well and we’ve given up trying to keep them separated in their different expansions. He built a rather fantastic card box to separate the treasures and doors we’ve kept them shuffled together ever since. It adds a new twist when you can’t choose which expansion to draw from. Best game ever!!

~ Wyona      

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