An Awkward Moment In B Flat

Wednesday, July 22nd, 2009


Arriving home from work…

Evan: Hey everyone, I’m home!  Hi TV!  Hi Computer!  Hi Guitar! Hi… Clarinet…
Evan: I haven’t seen you for a while.
Clarinet: I know.
Evan: What are you doing out here with the stuff I use all the time?
Clarinet: You moved me out here when you were looking through your closet.
Evan: Oh yeah…  So… What have you been up to the last couple years?
Clarinet: I’ve been working on some personal projects.  I got pretty good at lanyards.
Evan: That’s cool.
Evan: So… You wanna… Play?
Clarinet: I don’t know.  I was gonna watch Castle.
Evan: Come o–
Clarinet: OKAY!

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