I Couldn’t Help But Notice That Strange and Interesting Plant

Monday, July 20th, 2009

Okay, garden.  We both know I have no idea what I’m doing when I start digging holes and cramming plants in there, but now you’re being ridiculous.

Does anyone know what the hell this thing is?


No one in my building planted it and it keeps getting bigger and, frankly, we’re all getting a little worried.  Is it just a weed?  Do weeds do… that?

Update: It’s been identified!  My neighbor Carrie added this at the bottom of an e-mail: “In other news – our alien life form in the backyard has been identified. Apparently it wards off witches and cures ear aches so it may come in handy.”

It’s called The Great Mullein.


Hi — Does this look like your plant? http://www.weedalert.com/weed_pages/wa_broadleaf_plantain.htm ?? If not, weedalert.com is a good place to look at pictures. I would say most definitely a weed.

A green, dead-eyed version of you with a weed for hair is going to stand up out of the dirt one day.

You only have to worry if it starts saying “Feed me”

I don’t know, Mum. It’s definitely not “shallow.”

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