If It’s Hard To Draw, Just Cut It Off

Monday, January 5th, 2009

I don’t really know much about painting and I have lots of friends who are really good at it so it’s kind of intimidating to try, but I had a free day so I tried to paint a bear.



I like it. Nice job, E! It would make a great cover design for a children’s book about bears, since you left room for the title.

That is pure awesomeness! I want to buy it. Is it titled, “You Don’t Know Bear”? Love it.

Hey Evan,

I just found your website. I like the cow picture at the top left. I was just telling the story of the cow t-shirt the other day. Do you still have it?


Hey Ira! Wow. The cow shirt. I think it actually got made into a quilt several years ago. The question is… do I still have the quilt?


ev! happy new year. i want to buy your bear painting. i think i should have it because i may be the only one of your friends who lives near bears. also, i am plugging your blog on my blog because you are and will always be hilariouser than me.

Yes, you do have the quilt — it’s in my closet. Come get it.

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