It’s Great To Be A Theta Pi!

Sunday, March 15th, 2009

I remember once hearing a discussion on the radio complaining about the high price of concert and theater tickets.  They talked about spending $100 per seat and all I kept thinking was, “man, you guys are going to the wrong shows!”  If you think ticket prices are too high, go see some local bands and small theater!  That’s where all the good stuff is.

Now, I know it can be hard to sift through the garbage to find something good to see, so I’m going to help you out: go see FRAT.  I should disclose that I’m on the board of the theater company producing the show, but with the exception of Stomp The Yard, have I ever led you astray?  And, honestly, was that movie all that bad?  You didn’t even see it, did you? Some friend.

It’s okay, though.  FRAT‘s better.  

To be honest, of the three shows The New Colony is doing this year, it was the one I was the least excited about.  I don’t really have any opinions of — or interest in —  fraternaties and I worried the show might become either a glorification of idiocy or a spiteful trashing of the entire institution.  It’s neither.  Instead, FRAT is a hilarious, creative, unique theater experience performed by really talented actors. 

What, my opinion’s not good enough for you?  Okay, how’s this?  You get free beer with the price of admission. Flazzam!  Still not interested?  How about some reviews?


A New Play By Evan Linder
At The DANK Haus
4740 N Western Ave. 2nd Floor
Mar. 9 – Apr. 4, 2009
Thu-Sat at 7:30PM
Buy Tickets Right Now
For  half-price tickets ($10), use discount code: THETAPI241
While not as risque as some shows, FRAT definitely hovers around an R rating. 

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