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Wednesday, September 22nd, 2010

I asked my brother Aric if he’d play some accordion music at our wedding.

He said of course, (of course) but that he’d first need to get a new accordion.  His old one, purchased off of eBay for $50, had finally bit the dust.

Being the good brother that he is, Aric went and got a new accordion right away.  It’s used and needs a little work, so while he was at the store he asked where he could get it fixed up.  He was told there are three people in Chicago who could do it.  Just three.  The conversation isn’t exact, but this is the gist of it.

Accordion Salesman: The first can be a little difficult to work with.  Sometimes he sees an accordion he doesn’t like and decides it’s not worth his time.  I can call first and feel him out if you like.

Aric: What about the others?

Accordion Salesman: Well, this other guy can be a bit flaky, and he’s not as good as the other two.

Aric: So what about the third one?

Accordion Salesman: Oh, he does great work… but… well… he does sometimes steal accordions.  If you get it back it will sound great, though.

Aric: So, you’re referring me to a thief?

Accordion Salesman: Let me talk to the first guy and see what he says.

If you need an accordion repaired in Chicago, those are your choices.

UPDATE: Aric took it to the first guy and he did indeed decide that the accordion wasn’t worth fixing.  The good news is he told the store they had to give him a refund for it.  The better news is he somehow came across another accordion and told Aric that he should buy it.

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