Piefest 11

Tuesday, September 21st, 2010

Holy moly!  Piefest 11!

Well, at least I have three Piefests chronicled on this website.  It’s too bad the others are lost to the archives.  What with planning a wedding a month later and all, there was some question whether there would be a Piefest at all this year, but boy am I glad we did it.  We had a perfect day and perfect people and some great pies.

Here’s the rundown with photos courtesy of John Berube, one of the greatest pie photographers this country has ever seen.  Hopefully he doesn’t mind me bogarting his photos

Best Presentation ~ Potato Ricotta & Onion Rustic Pie
Shanna Berube has a history of making amazing food that John photographs and I look at online and want to eat, so I can’t say it’s surprising that they won this award.  Presentation aside, it was also wicked tasty.

Most Ambitious / Most Original ~ Avocado Cream Pie
It was a tough year for cream pies in general, but Vered Siegel’s avocado cream pie was one of the first to arrive so it was out in the sun longer than most and, well, the sun won.  But that’s why we have an award for most ambitious.

Best Crust, Best Misc. Pie
Well, crap, I’m not sure who won Best Crust OR best Miscellaneous Pie.  Some Piekeeper I am.  Nice memory, jerk.  I know a pie that almost won best Miscellaneous Pie was this latecomer: Chicago Hot Dog Pie!

Best Cream Pie ~ Truffle Cream Pie
I made a cream pie this year too, but didn’t win.  Boo.  But it’s okay, because I didn’t deserve to win. this Truffle Cream Pie was amazing.
Best Fruit Pie ~ Frankenstein Peach Pie
It’s always exciting when a first-time Piefester wins an award.  Ivan and Brenda took home the classic fruit pie award for their amalgam of many peach pie recipes.
Best Savory Pie ~ Tomato, Corn & Cheese Pie
Another first-timer, Andy Hass, took home the savory pie prize.  Savory has become a pretty intense category in the last few years.  The competition was fierce!
Best In Show ~ Truffle Cream Pie / Tomato, Corn & Cheese Pie
What?!  A Tie!?  Yeah, that’s right.
So there it is.  Another great Piefest in the books.  Can’t wait until next year!
Here’s the list of pies as recorded in the great pie log
“Back to school Sack Lunch Pie” – Shama
“High Maintenance” Avacado Cream (no egg) – Vered
Cannoli Pie – Sarah
High-heel Shoo-fly Pie – Aric and Amanda
“You Some Fries with that Chocolate Shake?” – Evan
S’more Pie – Leah
Gorgonzola Pear – Kilee
Mac and Cheese Pie – Krystan
Frankenstein Peach Pie – Brenda & Ivan
PB&J Pie with Cookie Crumble and Honey Crust – Matt
Peach-brown sugar – Ruth
Happle Birthday Pie – Natasha
Chocolaet Chip & Walnut – Sarah and Nick
Grilled Pizza Pie – Virginia
Tomato, Corn and Cheese Pie – Andy
Potato, Ricotta & Onion Rustic – Shanna
Rhubarb by Rita – Rita
Rookie Peachberry – Harry
Sweet Potato Cream Pecan Pie – Amanda
Curry Shepherd’s Pie – Andrea
Pielet: The Mighty One – Rachel and Jen and Mehrdad
Engaged! – Rachel and Jen and Mehrdad
Coconut Custard Pie – Juliet
Canadian Maple-Sugar Pie – Steve-o
Plan B Pie – Steve
Banana Butt-Side Down Bake – Claire and Dan
Sweet Potato Pie – Hershey Family
Fudge Brownie Pie – Hershey Family
Zucchini Pie – Brian
Apple Custard Pie – Mary
Truffle Cream Pie – Emily
And the many others that didn’t make it into the logbook.

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