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Don’t Buy the Liverwurst

Monday, January 3rd, 2011

Of all my parents’ records, I might have listened to Allan Sherman the most when I was little.  Maybe the William Tell Overture.

I just spent the last hour listening to all these old songs and they still make me laugh, although I now realize that I didn’t get a lot of the jokes as a kid. Who the heck is Billy Sol?

Do I have some song about Bernie Madoff that my kids are going to love?

The Bri Blog

Sunday, January 2nd, 2011


My dad got some amazing tickets to a Bulls game for my brother Brian’s birthday.  I guess our company was part of his present, which works out well for me.

Brian’s always been pretty obsessed with sports.  My dad famously taught him math using Bears players.  A branch of mathematics my dad dubbed “Brithmatic.”  For example, Jay Hilgenberg + Jim McMah0n = The Fridge  (63 + 9 = 72).

Around his birthday, Brian decided to start The Bri Blog.  In his words:

Just for kicks I started a new blog: It’s mostly dedicated to comparing and contrasting the geothermal implications of potential trans-atlantic heat waves leading to…..just kidding. it’s about sports.

UPDATE: How embarrassing!  I had the math wrong. Not the football players, the actual math.  It’s fixed.