And He Especially Liked Murdering Tresspassers

Tuesday, March 1st, 2011


On our way home from the water park, I really wanted to make a detour to my old summer camp.  It was, as expected, closed for the winter, but it seemed a shame not to at least peek inside.  So, in the glorious tradition of camp sneak-outs, I had a camp sneak-in — otherwise known as tresspassing.

Aside from some fresh paint on the cabins it looked pretty much as I remembered it.  It was strange to have the whole place all to myself, totally quiet.  There was something very peaceful about it.  Peaceful, that is, until the ghost stories of crazy people who roamed the woods started running through my head.

I told Shama we better go.


I always got a bad wrap around those parts!

~ Thumpdrag      

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