Gravity + Downhill = Great Mileage

Tuesday, August 16th, 2011

Shama and I took a day to drive through Pisgah National Forest, stopping at Lookingglass Falls and Sliding Rock before getting on the Blue Ridge Parkway.  You know what’s not on the Blue Ridge Parkway?  Gas stations.  You know what else isn’t on the Blue Ridge Parkway?  AT&T service.

So we were a bit freaked when all of a sudden Shama said, “Oh no, the gas light’s on!”  I had remembered seeing a while back that it was 16 miles to the next exit from the Parkway and our car’s handly onboard computer told us that we had 9 miles of cruising range before we ran out of gas.  Ruh-roh.

Shama drove like a pro, coasting down the mountain as much as possible, breaking as little as possible, flying off sheer rock cliffs as little as possible.  As we came into town we may or may not have gone through an interminable red light before making it to a gas station.  The result: 16 miles with 2 miles worth of gas to spare!

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