Piefest XIII

Saturday, October 6th, 2012

We’ve made it to Piefest thirteen! It was a lovely day for Piefest this year! Much better than the downpour we had last year. (This time it started raining just after Piefest. Thanks, clouds!)

There was an unusual three-way-tie for best in show, and more amazingly, none of the three pies won their respective categories. You just never know how people will vote at these things.

Shama and I were interviewed for the Stupid Nerd Podcast about Piefest, which you can listen to here:

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More photos and the complete list of pies below:

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  1. Pad Pie - Evan
  2. Quiche’n Tov (and Mazel Tov) - Amanda & Aric - Best In Show
  3. Politician “Cherry” Pie with Sweet Lie-cing – Shama - Original
  4. BBQ Brisket Pie - Adam and Tara C. - Savory
  5. Ba-na-na-nah - Ashley B.
  6. Dark Chocolate Raspberry PIE-CAKE-IN - Natasha, Evan, Jon, Joanie - Ambitious
  7. LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA Elmo Pie - Stephanie, Seth, Sam
  8. Banana Buttermile Pie - Zubas
  9. Derby Pie – Caroline K.
  10. Chocolate Pudding Pie - Ben J.
  11. Apple Cherry Crisp - Gordon and Jonah
  12. Grandma Janet’s Choc. Fudge Pie - Judi J.
  13. Grilld Pear + Banana Cream Pie with Dulce de Leche - Pancho + Lucy
  14. Cream Puff Pie – Occu-pie Pie Street - Thea L. – Presentation, Ambitious, Best in Show
  15. My Mom’s Friend Paula’s Cheese Pie - Virginia L.
  16. Honey Boo Boo Pie - Steve L.
  17. The Least I could Do - Arnie N.
  18. “the experiment”  –  Shannon H.
  19. Chicago Deep Dish Carmel Apple Pie Crust
  20. Sultan’s Pie - Kara C.
  21. Thanksgiving Pie - Kara C. – Best in Show
  22. Boston Cream Pie - Allard and Calder
  23. Taco Pie - Shanna B.
  24. Fruit Loop Pie - Krisi and Mike
  25. The Rich Toff - Ali, Dan, Isaac – Cream
  26. Rock Da House Rhubarb - Ivan & Brenda – Fruit

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