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Who’s the Idiot With the Balloon?

Monday, June 1st, 2009

Yay!  Shama’s finally back from Ireland.  I went with her dad and brother to meet her at the airport, but before I did I stopped by Party City and got the largest non-Hannah-Montana balloon they had.  


We waited outside of Exit A, as instructed by the monitors,  for over an hour… but no Shama.  We saw the Aer Lingus flight attendants in their teal crazysuits come and go… but no Shama.  We started to worry — did they lose her luggage?  Did she pick a fight with a customs agent?  Did she turn into a being of pure energy and lose interest in humanity?

Finally, we saw a grumpy girl, head down, dragging bags behind her, pass right in front of us — coming from the opposite end of the terminal. 

Shama somehow managed to pass through the doors of Exit B and had been wandering the airport for the last 20 minutes wondering why no one bothered to meet her at the airport.  

Shama: I kept thinking, “Who’s the idiot with the balloon?”

That’s me.  I’m the idiot with the balloon.  Welcome home, Shama.