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Bauble Tree. Just Because It’s Pretty.

Saturday, October 30th, 2010

Bauble Tree

Shama and I drove to the mountains of North Carolina to get away after getting married.  We did some hiking and reading and played lots of games and did a lot of the nothing we weren’t able to do in the weeks leading up to the wedding.

I suggested we go to a fancy restaurant one night and Shama said we should make it a whole high society day.

Evan: What’s a high society day?

Shama: We’ll go horesback riding and then before dinner we can go into town and buy a trinket or bauble just because it’s pretty.

So we went horseback riding, although it was probably a little more “rancher” than “high society.”  And we went into the town of Marshall, North Carolina (pop. 840) to look around.  I don’t think either of us were planning to get any sort of trinket or bauble, but we went into the Arts Center on Main Street and saw a painting we both really liked.  It’s title: “Bauble Tree.”

My Cousin is a Saint

Sunday, April 12th, 2009


I met up with my cousin Josh in Paris and we went to Versailles.  After a long day of wandering the many halls, we took a break in a room lined with marble busts of the heroes of France.

While we were resting, Josh told me that his friend is a sculptor working on a piece for a cathedral in Los Angeles, and wouldn’t you know it, he ended up using Josh as the model for Joseph.  We joked about a Jew modeling for a statue in a church, but Joseph was Jewish, so maybe it’s appropriate.  I can see the resemblance.

We agreed that Joseph seemed like a solid dude.

JOSH: I know the guy who modeled for Judas.

What’s The Exchange Rate for 27 High Fives?

Saturday, January 10th, 2009


I suppose we should be thankful that we had Dax in Chicago for as long as we did.  He consistently entertained us with free shows, street games, and other surprises.  

To raise money for his move back to San Francisco, Dax did a painting a day for two and a half months and then had a silent auction at his house.  The bids, he said, didn’t have to be money.  They could be anything.  As a result, one piece was sold for 27 high fives and another was sold for “a telephone conversaion with my Russain father.”

I paid cash money for mine — the blue cloud at the top of the photo.

Don’t Lick The Popsicle

Thursday, February 14th, 2008

After taking a midterm downtown I walked over to Millennium Park to see the Museum of Modern Ice freezamadinugs that’s going to be there through February — a colored ice sculpture that has been nicknamed “The Popsicle.”

I didn’t love it at first. I guess I expected it to be more… something. It didn’t “echo the city’s renowned skyline” as I was told it would. I didn’t get much of a reaction at all. That it was sitting next to, in my opinion, the greatest piece of public art in the world, didn’t help either.

Luckily Shama showed up. She called to see how my midterm went and when I told her I was going to stop by Millennium Park she hopped on a train to meet me there faster than an Evan spilling soup on himself. She’s been wanting to go ice skating since, like, September. After some skating and falling we went up to take another look.

Shama loved it immediately, and the more she talked the more I started appreciating it. When you look up close you can see where pieces broke off, fell, melted, refroze, and melted again. I think I liked seeing it thrive on that zero degree night. The colder the weather, the stronger and more vibrant it gets — just like Chicago.

Thanks, Doodlers!

Wednesday, December 26th, 2007

I was at a loss for what sort of artwork to put on the CD itself so I decided, as I often do, to let my friends do the work for me. I sent an e-mail to a select few asking them to draw a doodle a for me in exchange for a free CD. Unfortunately, I didn’t have enough room to give credit to these fine artists in the CD packaging itself, but the Internet has no word limit so I will give credit here.

A. Joe Beshenkovsky says, “It’s a plant! In a pot! I tried some other things but my artistic skills have withered away like so much old skin.” Joe and I worked together at the TV station at Columbia University. I think it looks quite nice.

B. Gordon Wright is as classy as the top hats he draws. He’s also a heck of a singer. If all goes according to plan, you can see Gordon play at the upcoming CD release show for this bad boy. In the meantime, visit his website.

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Public Wordplay

Tuesday, December 4th, 2007

It took me a second to decode Jason Pickleman’s public art in the new Montrose brown line station. I knew it was supposed to “reflect the street names of the community,” and at first glance the letters look recognizable, but when read left to right, they don’t actually make any sense.  Wolwarashloak?

A clue, however, is etched into the front windows.