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They Don’t Just Eat Brains. They’ll Eat Any Part of You.

Sunday, July 19th, 2009


I wish I were more into comic books so I could be a bigger supporter of my neighborhood comic book store, The Comic Vault.  They really bring a lot to the community, including last month’s first national Zombie-Con.  I made it over for a very helpful seminar on general zombie survival, but, sadly, had to leave before the Zombie Chef and the session on how to escape Chicago during the impending zombie attack.

Shama managed to get some very important questions answered about freezing zombies, though.

Before leaving, comic writer and artist Tim Seeley drew me this zombie professor:


I don’t know if he was drawing all the zombies with bow ties that day, but  Shama and I met Tim at a wedding while I was wearing a bow tie and if he remembered that, he’s a pretty cool guy for giving my zombie a bow tie.  Either way, I think I’m going to get Tim’s book, Hack/Slash because it’s cool that there’s a comic writer in my neighborhood.  And I think I’m gonna get it from The Comic Vault because those guys are cool too.  I think I’m going to go do that right now.

Update: They’re closed.  I’m going to go do that tomorrow.