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A Conversation on Kingsbury

Friday, May 22nd, 2009

A giant new Whole Foods opened up near work this week — the third biggest in the world.  It’s a pretty amazing place, actually.  This morning, walking to work, I ran into someone who was less enthusiastic about it:

Dude: Hey, man, let me ask you something.
Evan’s Inner Monologue: (Uh oh.  Here we go.)
Evan: What’s that?
Dude: You don’t think this Whole Foods belongs here, do you?
Evan: I don’t know.  It just moved from across the street.  What’s the difference?
Dude: It’s a sell-out.  That’s what it is.  Why you got to sell out President Obama like that?
Evan’s Inner Monologue: (Wait.  What? Obama?  How can I get out of this conversation.)
Evan: Well, as long as VIP’s is still there, right?
Dude: Yeah!  That’s a good point.  I never thought of that!

There you have it.  A good point.