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Journey to the End of the Night 2012

Sunday, May 13th, 2012

Another year, another Journey to the End of the Night. This year’s course took runners from Humboldt Park through Logan Square and Wicker Park before ultimately ending in the meat packing district. After chasing people (including Felix) for a few hours, I settled in at one of my favorite checkpoints in Journey history: Paparazzi!

As runners stumbed into the checkpoint, exhausted, they were guided down a red carpet where a slew of photographers, fans, and reporters were begging for their attention.  As a faketographer, I took photos and shouted ridiculous questions and comments.  My favorites were War Horse themed: “I loved you in War Horse!” “When does shooting start for War Horse II?”  “What was it like to work with War Horse?” “Why weren’t you invited to War Horse’s birthday party?  Did you have a falling out?”

By the end of the night, I couldn’t name another movie.

Strike a pose

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Journey to the End of the Night 2011 Recap

Thursday, May 12th, 2011

Every year I worry about how Journey to the End of the Night is going to work out and every year it’s fantastic.  Once again I was a staff chaser — this time chasing people in a suit.  It wasn’t as bizarre as the gorilla, but runners rarely thought a dude in a suit would start chasing them.

I’d say my favorite moment was standing alone on the beach between checkpoint 2B and checkpoint 3 and chasing people across that big sandy expanse.

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Journey to the End of the Night 2011

Sunday, April 24th, 2011

This is my third year helping out with the Chicago edition of Journey to the End of the Night and it keeps getting bigger and bigger.  The first year (that I missed) had 75 people.  In 2009 we had 271 players.  In 2010 there were 404.  This year we have over 800 people saying they’re going to play on the Facebook group.  That’s some exponential growth, yo!

While the game itself is quite clever, what makes it great is how unusual it is to get hundreds of people together to play a game for no greater purpose.  I had the following conversation with someone at work:

Me: You should come it’s gonna be fun.
C: I think I will.  When do I need to sign up?
Me: You don’t.  Just show up.
C: How much does it cost?
Me: It’s free.
(C in dumbfounded silence.)

If you’re interested and want to play, the game starts at Welles Park at Montrose and Western at 7PM on Saturday May 7th, 2011.

I will be a staff chaser again this year.  I need to come up with a better costume than the gorilla.

“Oh No, Not the Gorilla Again!”

Monday, May 4th, 2009

Journey to the End of the Night 2009 has come and gone and no one could have asked for better weather… unless you were sprinting as fast as you could wearing a gorilla suit. In that case you might have preferred it a bit cooler.



I think my favorite part of the whole night might have been the bus ride home with blue and pink ribboned Chicagoans boarding and disembarking, all sharing stories of their adventures that night.

Other fond memories:

  • Accidentally chasing three dudes who weren’t actually playing the game — possibly freaking them out a little bit.
  • A cop yelling out his car at me… only to ask me where my gorilla mask was. (I would have worn it but I couldn’t see anything out of it. Also, it smelled weird.)
  • Chasing people through Bridgeport where it was nice to see that kids still actually play outside in their neighborhood. They loved the idea of our game so I gave them the few blue armbands I had collected and told them if they wore them they might get chased by people with pink armbands. They ended up just running from anyone who came by.

Below is a map of the checkpoints for anyone who might be interested. As a “staff chaser” my job was to patrol certain choke points and make people run.

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