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I Love Fake Rock And Roll

Wednesday, February 6th, 2008

About a month ago, while utterly dominating ZZ Top on Guitar Hero, I got a dumb idea. Everyone loves Guitar Hero, right? How cool would it be to play a Guitar Hero guitar during a live show? Okay, bad question, but I intended to do it anyway. I couldn’t just play the game on stage, however. That would cross the very narrow line from geek-cool into Lamesville, USA, Population: The nerd playing Guitar Hero on stage. No, I’d have to play an actual song… so I did, and “Underneath Your Clothes” never sounded so dumb. The sound guy at Schubas seemed to get a kick out of it, though.

Several people have asked me how the dingus worked, so I will explain it below if you’re interested.

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Saturday, December 8th, 2007

The album’s done and will be on sale soon, but in the meantime I’ve posted some tunes on the new “songs page.” I wanted to do something a little more interesting than just playing the song, so I decided to borrow an idea from the Astronaut project I liked so much.

Images based on the lyrics are pulled from Flickr and shown as each song plays. When it’s working as intended, apt photos are displayed in time with the music. When it works as unintended, some pretty weird photos can show up. Either way, I’m down.

Since the photos are somewhat random and people are constantly uploading new photos to Flickr, the videos should change every time you watch them.

I only have a couple of the songs up for now, but I’ll get them all posted in the next couple days.

For Developers:
I’m posting the source code here in case anyone else wants to use it. Like many projects I work on, I start out writing well-organized, elegant code, but as the night wears on the cutting of corners tends to increase. In other words, I apologize if it’s hard to work with.

You will need a Flickr API Key and your own stinking songs.
Download 20kb .zip: FlickrTunes_0.6


FlickrTunes 0.6
I made the search a little more flexible so it works with full text searches now.

If you put a “~” before the search term, it does a full text search.
{s:”~raised glasses”, t:”0:05″}
If you put a “+” before a search term, it must match ALL of the comma-separated tags.
{s:”+friends,hug”, t:”0:42″}
Otherwise it tries to match ANY of the comma-separated tags.
{s:”friends,hug”, t:”0:42″}