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Piefest XIII

Saturday, October 6th, 2012

We’ve made it to Piefest thirteen! It was a lovely day for Piefest this year! Much better than the downpour we had last year. (This time it started raining just after Piefest. Thanks, clouds!)

There was an unusual three-way-tie for best in show, and more amazingly, none of the three pies won their respective categories. You just never know how people will vote at these things.

Shama and I were interviewed for the Stupid Nerd Podcast about Piefest, which you can listen to here:

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More photos and the complete list of pies below:

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Piefest Dozen

Saturday, September 3rd, 2011

A dozen Piefests is nice, but I’m really excited for Piefest Bakers Dozen next year.  It will be epic.  Italics!

Piefest Dozen was a throwback to the indoor Piefests of years past.  After two hours setting up tables and everything in the backyard, the sky opened up and drenched our lovely pie-petheater.  Fifteen minutes later, a two very soaked people managed to get everything moved inside.  I don’t think either of us were expecting a lot of people to show up, but man were we wrong.  Piefest 12 had over 30 amazing entries.

Best Cream Pie
It was a great year for cream pies.  The indoor venue kept the cream pie’s worst enemy, Mr. Melty Sun, at bay.  Emily took home Best Cream Pie at her second Piefest with her Bananas Foster Cream Pie.

Best Savory Pie
With only two (on-time) entries in the savory pie category, it was slim pickings, but both were delicious.  Ultimately, “Potonion” took home the award.

Most Ambitious
Shama once again entered a concept pie into the competition with her “Pepto-Pie: The AFTER Piefest Pie Solution.” I’m pretty sure this is the only pie ever to be garnished with Tums. It was… interesting.

Best In Show
And it was such a pretty pie too! Ashley Bauer and Jon Ferguson took home the top prize for the Moloko Stout Caramel Bottomed Pie.


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Piefest 11

Tuesday, September 21st, 2010

Holy moly!  Piefest 11!

Well, at least I have three Piefests chronicled on this website.  It’s too bad the others are lost to the archives.  What with planning a wedding a month later and all, there was some question whether there would be a Piefest at all this year, but boy am I glad we did it.  We had a perfect day and perfect people and some great pies.

Here’s the rundown with photos courtesy of John Berube, one of the greatest pie photographers this country has ever seen.  Hopefully he doesn’t mind me bogarting his photos

Best Presentation ~ Potato Ricotta & Onion Rustic Pie
Shanna Berube has a history of making amazing food that John photographs and I look at online and want to eat, so I can’t say it’s surprising that they won this award.  Presentation aside, it was also wicked tasty.

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Your Piefest 10 Winners

Monday, September 21st, 2009

Another year, another fabulous Piefest.  It’s been years since I’ve won an award, so I was pleased that my inside-out pie managed to win for Best Misc. Pie.  Steve’s Tomato pie was a resounding winner in both the Savory and Best in Show categories.

So go ahead and take a look.  Let the drooling begin.

My Birthday Present

Sunday, May 17th, 2009

Shama sent me this video-present from Ireland.  It’s the best.  I can’t wait until she comes home in a couple weeks.