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It Is Our Most Modestly Priced Receptacle

Monday, February 11th, 2008

In a couple weeks I’m going to Guatemala to help build a bridge with Engineers Without Borders. I’m not a big traveler. I don’t like being far from home, and I don’t like being a tourist. This trip is as far from being a tourist as one could ask for. We’ve got a five mile hike from the end of the nearest road to get to the site where we’ll be camping and working with 70 villagers to build a suspended bridge, allowing the locals to get to and from health care, schools, markets, and other necessities.

I’m a little nervous about this trip for a lot of reasons. Can we actually get this thing built without any electricity in such a remote location with such a short time frame? Are we going to be okay camping for such an extended period of time? What’s it going to be like in such close quarters with a bunch of people I barely know? I had to get travel insurance yesterday. The second item listed under “additional coverage details” did little to assuage my fears.